Activist Gökhan Güneş released

Gökhan Güneş was left blindfolded Başakşehir at around 6 am this morning.

Gökhan Güneş, the young activist who was abducted by unidentified people on his way to work, was  left blindfolded in Başakşehir at around 6 am this morning. The activist managed to return home.

Gökhan Güneş works as an electrician. On Wednesday at 12.20 pm he boarded the 79 FY bus in the Ikitelli district to go to his workplace in Başakşehir. After getting off at the “Elementary School Şehit Abdülselam Özatak” stop, four to five people surrounded him and dragged him into one of two waiting cars. Then the vehicles sped away. On the images of a surveillance camera, bystanders can also be seen watching the incident.