Watanî Hospital west of Tabqa cleared of ISIS

YPG-led Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) have cleared Watanî Hospital of ISIS groups as their operation to liberate the Tabqa town of Raqqa continues at full force.

Fierce clashes continue between SDF fighters and ISIS gangs in New Tabqa neighborhoods (Hay Awwal, Tanî and Salis). During the ongoing clashes, three fighters of the SDF got wounded and four ISIS members have been killed, including a leader by the name of Abû Mihemmed Al-Qehtanî.

The Watanî Hospital west of the town has been cleared of ISIS groups in the wake of intense clashes. SDF fighters have seized two 120 mm mortars and 2 BKCs from the gangs.

Below is the first footage from the hospital liberated by SDF.