Vigil for Öcalan in Cologne

A vigil for the freedom of Abdullah Öcalan is taking place in Cologne. Speeches protested against the illegal isolation of the Kurdish leader and the inaction of Europe.

The Kurdish associations YJK-E and FED-MED hold a vigil for Abdullah Öcalan in front of Cologne Cathedral. The action protests the illegal isolation of the Kurdish leader from the outside world and demands his release. Speeches pointed out that Öcalan last spoke to his legal counsel in August 2019 and there is concern about his condition.

In a speech, exiled former HDP deputy Nursel Aydoğan criticized the inaction of European institutions regarding the illegality of Öcalan's isolation. The Council of Europe and the EU are not abiding by their own laws, she said. "Abdullah Öcalan is not just any person. His isolation and imprisonment destroy the hope for peace and a solution to the Kurdish question," said Nursel Aydoğan.

Şengê Kahraman of KOMAW expressed similar sentiments: "We wish freedom and peace for all peoples." He stressed that Öcalan's isolation goes hand in hand with the policy of oppression against the Kurdish people. "We are denied the right to life. We reject this policy and we fight against it."

In addition to the speeches, there were musical contributions by Seyîdxan, Cewad Merwanî, Binevş Roj and Şahmaran, accompanied by dancing. The action will continue on Thursday and Friday.