Vehicle that hit and killed a woman in Kızıltepe on 11 January belonged to Turkish Armed Forces

The vehicle that hit and killed a woman in the Kızıltepe district of Mardin on 11 January belonged to the Turkish Armed Forces and the driver was a sergeant.

52-year-old Hazna Su, was on the pedestrian crossing in Kızıltepe on 11 January, when she was hit by a vehicle travelling at high speed which violated the red light.

Hazna Su was dragged for meters after being hit by the vehicle. Su died at the scene, but the Turkish media, reporting the incident, claimed that the vehicle had a "foreign license plate".

The driver of the vehicle was detained at the scene, but his name had not been released.

The incident was in fact concealed by the Turkish authorities, but it has been revealed that the vehicle was a Wolksvagen Amarok belonging to the Turkish Armed Forces and was driven by a sergeant. It was also determined that the vehicle was assigned to the Turkey-occupied areas in Syria.

After the vehicle run over Hazna Su, the military authorities dispatched to the region tried to obscure the evidence and cover up the murder. The driver, who was stated to be a specialist sergeant, was arrested after the statements given by eyewitnesses.