Two-day march kicks off in Bremen-Oldenburg

Kurds and their friends in Europe are organising various actions to protest the isolation of Abdullah Ocalan.

A two-day march has been launched in Germany as part of Europe-wide demonstrations against the isolation regime imposed on Kurdish People’s Leader Abdullah Ocalan.

A statement released by Bremen-Oldenburg March Organising Committee said the following;

“A two-day march has been started to give voice to our people and hunger strike activists for an end to the isolation.

On its first day, the march kicked off with the participation of 70 Kurds from Bremen, Oldenburg and surroundings at 10 am this morning. Today’s stage of the march will continue from Hude Bahnhof to Delmenhorst Bahnhof. After spending the night in Delmenhorst, the activists will tomorrow march to the Bremen Parliament where a rally will be held to finalize the march.”