TUHAY-DER Van co-chair Edibe Babur says government takes revenge on prisoners

TUHAY-DER Van co-chair Edibe Babur said that the wave of attacks against the prisoners was directed against the will of the people that emerged on 8 March and on Newroz, 21 March and added that the Turkish state is the sole responsible for the deaths.

The increasing systematic torture and the death of 60 political prisoners in Turkish jails within 3 months have turned all attention to the reality of detention.

The prison visits carried out by the delegations formed by the HDP and civil society organizations continue.

TUHAY-DER Van co-chair Edibe Babur said that the AKP and MHP's attacks on prisons are related to the people’s participation in the 8 March and Newroz celebrations.

"When they saw that they couldn't intimidate the people, they turned to their prisoner friends," said Babur, adding that “all kinds of pressure are applied. Our friends who object to the examination in handcuffs at the exit of the hospital are left to die, and they are put in isolation cells when they get back from hospital. As you know, 60 of our friends lost their lives in 2022. All of our friends who lost their lives were kept in solitary cells. Three of our friends lost their lives in prison in Van.”

'Our friends should be released immediately'

Edibe Babur said: “The sole responsible for the deaths are the government, the state, AKP-MHP fascism. Our children should not die. They should regain their freedom. Our ill friends should be treated. Our call is for the release of our friends. The isolation that started against Abdullah Öcalan in İmralı has spread to all prisons. These isolation policies, this persecution and oppression must end.”