Thousands take to the streets in Hamburg against the G-20 Summit

Tens of thousands of people gathered in Hamburg, Germany took to the streets to protest the G-20 Summit. Dozens were injured when the police attacked the protesters and many were detained. The demonstrations continued into the early morning hours.

The largest G-20 protest in this week-long series in Hamburg, Germany took place last night as the city’s streets turned into a warzone. Tens of thousands of people gathered under the slogan “Global solidarity against capitalism” and wanted to march from the Fishmarket in St. Pauli district with a banner that read “G-20 Welcome to Hell”. The police didn’t allow the march and attacked the protesters.

Dozens were injured in the police attack and many were detained. Protesters dispersed through the streets after the attack and continued to protest the G-20 with mini-marches held in side streets and neighborhoods. But the thousands of policemen present attacked the protesters again with armored vehicles and water cannons laced with tear gas. Home of the protests, the Sternschanze district, turned into a warzone. The protesters did not back down despite all attempts by the police. They built fires and put up barricades in the streets against the police attack and frequently chanted anticapitalist slogans. The protests and clashes both continued into early morning hours.


Meanwhile, today is the day of “civil disobedience”, one of the 3 pillars of the protests. All day long, protesters are expected to carry out various actions and put up barricades in the city’s streets. In the evening there will be a march of tens of thousands of people again.

There is a large scale demonstration planned for 11.00 a.m. tomorrow with more than 100.000 people expected to attend.