Thousands bid farewell to BÖG fighter and HPG guerrilla in Adana

BÖG fighter Eylem Ataş who fell fighting ISIS in Manbij and HPG guerrilla Mehmet Çalışkan who fell in a clash with Turkish soldiers in Mardin were laid to rest in Küçük Oba Cemetery in Adana.

United Freedom Forces (Birleşik Özgürlük Güçleri - BÖG) fighter Eylem Ataş (Cemre Heval) had taken part in the Manbij liberation operation and had lost her life fighting the ISIS gangs on June 28. Her body was kept at the border for four months and was given to her family just the day before.

The Ataş family and their lawyers arrived at the Mardin Governorate yesterday morning to retrieve the body. After the meetings, the family, lawyers, HDP MP’s Gülser Yıldırım and Meral Danış Beştaş and a group of locals arrived at the Kızıltepe Şenyurt Border Gate. The committee received the body from Rojava authorities and transferred it to Mardin Public Hospital from where it was later taken to Eylem's hometown, southern province of Adana.

Ataş's body was taken to Adana Forensic Medicine Institute for a post-mortem examination and then to Şakirpaşa Cemevi (Alevi place of worship) for religious duties.

Women coming from surrounding cities welcomed Ataş with red and purple flags and the slogan "Şehid Namirin" [Martyrs Are Immortal]. Her coffin was covered with red and purple flags and flowers before it was taken to Küçük Oba Cemetery with a convoy joined by dozens of cars.

On the other hand, body of HPG guerrilla Mehmet Çalışkan (Zagros İntikam), who recently fell during a clash with Turkish soldiers in Mardin's Savur district, was also taken to the same cemetery following a post-mortem examination in the Forensic Medicine Institute.

Thousands including HDP Antep MP Mehmet Toğrul and Revolutionary Party chair Ufuk Göllü attended the funeral for BÖG fighter Eylem Ataş and HPG guerrilla Mehmet Çalışkan.

Speaking during the funeral, MEYA-DER (Mesopotamia Association of Assistance and Solidarity for Families with Lost Relatives) Adana Branch Spokesperson Murat Tugay vowed to continue the struggle of those who fought and fell for the liberation of peoples.

HDP Antep MP Mehmet Toğrul also spoke, saying: "These two brave young people were martyred whilst fighting against rapist gangs and their supporters. These youths are two heroes who have proved that this struggle is not unclaimed."

After the speeches, BÖG fighter Eylem Ataş was buried next to her martyred comrade, BÖG Commander Bedrettin Akdeniz, while HPG member Mehmet Çalışkan was buried in family graveyard, again with the slogan "Şehid Namirin".