“The Rojava revolution is the beginning of humanity's revolution”

The 9th Congress of the PYD European organization continues in the Netherlands. The speeches in the congress expressed that “The Rojava revolution is the beginning of the revolution of humanity.”

The 9th congress of the Democratic Union Party (PYD) in the Netherlands is attended by 600 delegates, consisting of mostly women. The Congress continued on its second day with the speeches of representatives of political parties and non-governmental organizations in the Middle East and Europe.


Syrian Democratic Assembly (MSD) Co-Chair Şêx Riad Dirar, who made a speech in the Congress, pointed out the repression of the Syrian regime against the Kurds and said, “Mr. Abdullah Öcalan says 'My Kurdish identity has no value unless I do something.' His words express the situation we are in today. As long as we do not do anything, this has no value. For this reason, everyone should own their identity and culture. Today, nationalism has collapsed in Syria. It has been proved that solution and coexistence is democratic confederalism. This is the system that springs to life in Rojava today. This system is not only for Rojava, but also for the whole of Syria. Problems can only be resolved in this way. On the basis of Ocalan's philosophy lies the brotherhood of the peoples. We all should work harder so that this philosophy is put into practice in the whole Middle East.”


KONGRE-GEL Co-Chair Remzi Kartal said that there is a great revolution taking place in Rojava today. Recalling that the creator of this revolution is Kurdish People's Leader Abdullah Öcalan, Kartal said: “This philosophy has created a new system in Rojava where all peoples live together. In this system, all components including Arabs, Kurds, Circassians, Assyrians-Syriacs are living together democratically and freely. This system should not be limited only to Rojava. It should spread to all of Syria and the Middle East. The solution of the problems in the region will be solved in this way.”

Kartal continued; “A new page has opened in the region with the liberation of Raqqa from ISIS. The Kurds have achieved significant gains. No one can put these gains in danger. Everybody should know that no policy can be implemented in the Middle East without a consideration of the Kurds.”

Tahir Kemalizade of the Kurdistan National Congress (KNK), pointing to Kurdish national unity in his speech, said: "Now national unity is inevitably standing before us. We need to bring this to life.”


Haji Ehmedi from PJAK (Kurdistan Free Life Party) stated that Rojhilat (Eastern Kurdistan) has been in an uprising since 1980’s, emphasizing the following: “Today, the serhildan (uprising) continues. Rojava, however, turned the serhildan into a revolution in a short time. The role of women here is great. This is a women's revolution, the whole world is fascinated. We celebrate you. The Rojava revolution is not a Middle East revolution, but a world revolution. This is an international revolution. It is a revolution with martyrs from America to Canada and Australia. It is a revolution with an ideology, philosophy and literature. This is the beginning of the human's revolution of freedom.”

Speaking after, Peoples’ Democratic Party (HDP) Europe representative Eyup Doru drew attention to the oppression on the HDP in Turkey, recalling that many HDP members are currently behind bars.

"Both co-chairs of our party have been imprisoned for speaking about Rojava. Turkey is uttering threats against Rojava. Today, attacks on Afrin continue as well. This fascist system will only end if it collapses. We will continue to support Rojava.”


The Kongreya Star Rojava Coordination sent the following message to the congress: “We greet your congress which is taking place in a historic period. This struggle which came to this day with the labor and resistance of Martyr Şilan and her comrades continues growing with the efforts of thousands of martyrs. Today, the third line in the Middle East is gradually developing. It is the focus of attention of all peoples. This, undoubtedly, comes to life with the heroism of YPJ and YPG. The Rojava revolution is undoubtedly a women's revolution. It shows itself clearly in all areas of life.”


Speaking on behalf of Patriotic Union of Kurdistan (PUK), Şêx Şemal also highlighted the importance of the revolution in Rojava and said “Kurds are not the old Kurds. The games played a century ago can not come to life today when the Kurds have taken great steps towards unity. Great struggles are being given in four parts (of Kurdistan). The victory against ISIS in Rojava is a concrete example of this. As PUK, we are pleased with this situation and we declare our solidarity at the highest level. We greet your congress and we wish you success.”

Speaking on behalf of Gorran (Change) Movement, Rewez Helkawt, referring to the importance of the struggle in Rojava, said: “There is a great progress and success in Rojava. The Kurds need unity to preserve these sacrifices that come with great value and labor. Unity must be formed in four parts. The experiences gained in Rojava should be taken as an example by all the parts of Kurdistan.”

Rewez Helkawt also criticized the isolation on Kurdish People's Leader Abdullah Öcalan, saying, “Abdullah Öcalan and HDP co-chairs must attain their freedoms.”


Habib Ibrahim, on behalf of the Syrian Democratic Kurdish Party, said: “A new page has opened after the defeat of ISIS in Syria. The balances are changing. There are great attacks against the Kurds' gains. Erdogan is attacking the Rojava Kurds. According to Turkey, there are no ‘good or bad Kurds’, all Kurds are seen as enemies. Kurds have to be united. They need to be united against Turkey, Syria and Iran, and protect their rights.”

Speaking on behalf of the Democratic Party of Syria (PDKS), Mahmoud Daoud also stated that the Kurds needed unity more than ever.

Referring to the role of the PYD, Mihemed Belli on behalf of the Syrian Left Kurdish Party stated that all the parties should be united to protect the interests of the people of Rojava, while Haar Emin from the Communist Party of Kurdistan pointed out that the unity achieved in Rojava should be brought to life in Europe as well, noting the importance of diplomacy work.

Cergin Nebo, who spoke on behalf of the Syrian Êzidîs, pointed to the activities of the PYD, and continued, “With the Rojava revolution, the Êzidîs have attained their freedom as well as all the other groups. Everyone should support this revolution.”


Eledin El Rashid, head of the Syrian Human Rights Center in Germany, said, “Looking at Syria in general, Rojava has freedoms and democracy. These are the freedoms that the Rojava revolution brings. The creator of this is the individual in the background (pointing to the Kurdish People's Leader Abdullah Öcalan’s image) and the implementers are those in front of me, those who have photographs in this saloon.”

On the other hand, families of the internationalist fighters who were martyred in Rojava also joined the congress and gave a joint message. In their message, the families said “We will be our children's followers. We will work to be a part of the Kurds' cause.”