The “Nation Alliance” falls apart too soon

The Millet (Nation) Alliance formed by CHP, IYI Party and Felicity Party has fallen apart.

The Millet (“Nation”) Alliance formed by CHP (Republican People's Party) , IYI Party and Felicity Party for the June 24 elections that excluded the HDP has fallen apart.

IYI Party Leader Meral Akşener gathered her close staff for the second time after the elections and continued with process assessment. In the end, the IYI Party administration decided to continue on their own.

On the discussions on snap local elections, IYI Party Secretary General and Party Spokesperson Aytun Çıray said: “CHP may have put such a topic of snap elections forth to be able to postpone the issues they have within the party.


On President Tayyip Erdoğan’s comment that “a Constitutional amendment is necessary” for the death penalty, Çıray said: “They can change the Constitution for any little thing, so I wonder why it is slow when it comes to the death penalty. Let’s see them dare to bring the death penalty first, then we can talk.”

On the future of the Millet Alliance, Çıray said IYI Party will continue on its own.


Saadet (Felicity) Party Leader Temel Karamollaoğlu said, “The alliance was about the parliamentary elections. The alliance completed its course at that point.”