TAK claims responsibility for the bomb action in Ankara

TAK has claimed responsibility for the bomb action that hit Turkish capital Ankara's Kızılay Square on March 13, Sunday.

Kurdistan Freedom Falcons (also known as the Kurdistan Freedom Hawks, Teyrêbazên Azadiya Kurdistan, or TAK) has released a statement claiming responsibility for the bomb action that hit Turkish capital Ankara's Kızılay Square on March 13, Sunday.

Accordingly, the action at 18:45 last Sunday was conducted by a TAK unit led by militant Seher Çağla Demir, nom de guerre Doğa Jiyan, the first female militant to carry out an action of self-sacrifice within the ranks of TAK. She has been fighting in the ranks of TAK since 2013 which she joined from North Kurdistan, not any other country as is claimed by some circles.

"Our unit targeted state forces in Ankara, castle of fascism and barbarism, to bring the AKP government that massacred Kurds in Cizre to account on a revolutionary basis. However, the police intervention on our unit which came as it advanced toward the target, resulted in civilian casualties. We therefore voice sadness over the loss of civilians that have no links with those pursuing this dirty war", TAK said, adding that the Turkish state hid the casualties suffered by Turkish military and police forces and brought only civilian casualties forward, as was the case in the action carried out by TAK militant Zinar Raperîn.

TAK said Kurds in Kurdistan were being killed deliberately rather than as an inevitable consequence of the ongoing war, adding; "In the atmosphere that has been created as a result of civilian losses after our action, we hope that the public opinion will understand the pains suffered by the Kurdish people who are being massacred savagely, and whose bodies are burned, displayed and not given to families. Even this savagery alone is a reason for Kurdistan Freedom Falcons to revenge.”

The statement underlined that TAK would continue hitting those who order and wage this dirty war, and that nobody in Turkey would be safe until the fascist dictatorship is pulled down.

TAK added that their struggle will continue with commitment and determination until the Turkish state's massacre and occupation in Kurdistan is ended.