Tabqa Civilian Assembly declared

Tabqa Constituent Assembly held a meeting yesterday. During the meeting, Tabqa Civilian Assembly was established and Rewşen Hemê and Ehmed Şeban were elected as co-chairs.

The final declaration of the Tabqa Constituent Assembly meeting said the followings:

“On May 15, a meeting was held with the participation of Tabqa town's representatives, opinion leaders, women and youth representatives, and the administration of Tabqa was discussed.

In consideration of the town's political, social, cultural and service conditions, participants of the meeting agreed on the establishment of 'Tabqa Civilian Assembly' in order to carry out the town's political, security and service efforts.

Rewşen Hemê and Ehmed Şeban were elected as co-chairs of the Assembly and Asya Xerbî, Ehmed Silêman and Hewas Xelîl as the assembly representatives.

This assembly has been founded temporarily as a broader assembly will be established with councils following the return of residents. The assembly will be in charge of the town administration, service efforts and building co-existence among the town's peoples.”