SYKP: The resistance of Afrin people is our resistance

SYKP: “Erdogan, who aims to construct a fascist dictatorship with the lowest opposition, begins bombing Afrin with “the permission” of Russia and the USA.”

Socialist Re-Foundation Party (SYKP) released a statement expressing solidarity with Afrin against the Turkish state’s invasion operation.

Full text of the statement by Socialist Re-Foundation Party is as follows;

“Erdogan, who aims to construct a fascist dictatorship with the lowest opposition, begins bombing Afrin with “the permission” of Russia and the USA.

In the past, Turkey invaded Cyprus under the name of “Peace Operation” and killed revolutionary hunger strikers in prisons calling it “returning to life operation“. Now, with a similar fraud, Erdogan launches “Operation Olive Branch” while airstrikes are killing and wounding civilians.

On one side, the AKP government that got the support of the liberals with the “democracy” discourse is now institutionalising the fascist dictatorship. On the other side, it fuels a massive hostility towards Kurds to create a deeper relationship with once an enemy neo-nationalist.

In their hegemony rivalry in the Middle East, both US and Russia imperialism have been using Turkey as a cat’s paw to discipline the Kurds to pursue them in their way. Responding to Erdogan’s war threats most attentively, the US and Russia encouraged Turkey’s Afrin attack. And then, they finally allowed Turkey’s airstrikes on Afrin. The General Chief of Staff and the MIT Undersecretary, sent by Erdogan to Russia to get the permission for airstrikes, returned with the consent. The result is the airstrikes killing and leaving civilians wounded.

The United States, Russia and even the Syrian government are trying to take advantage of the Turkish attack as a leverage on the discussion table. Meanwhile, Turkey gathers the dark forces that will serve to the fascist dictatorship. Certainly, thanks to the possibility given to Turkey, Idlib will be freed from the jihadists as it is in Aleppo, and in return, the Kurds will be left as helpless as possible and tried to be forced to follow to the plans of the imperialists.

However, this partnership on the issue of intimidating the Kurds will not have the chance to work for any other point. This Afrin attack, initiated to boost the institutionalisation of the fascist dictatorship and to reintegrate into the Syria game of which Turkey is pushed out recently. However, the attack, as well as the manipulations of the imperial powers, will be subject to the failure as Kurdish people will show an unprecedented resistance as they did in Kobane.

The success of Afrin people will be one of the essential parts of our struggle to stop fascist dictatorship in Turkey and imperialist interventions in the region.

For this reason, the stance against Turkey’s attack on Afrin is not only a matter of internationalism as it’s a cross-border operation but also a crucial element of the anti-fascist struggle for democracy that we are pursuing at the same time. Afrin’s resistance will be the exchange of the colonial flag with the freedom flag. Afrin’s resistance will be the victory of democracy in Turkey and Northern Kurdistan.

Long live the solidarity of the people!

Down with colonialism and imperialism!”