Suruç martyrs remembered in Raqqa: We will make their dreams real

The Internationalist Freedom Brigade in the operation to liberate Raqqa held a military ceremony and a commemoration for the Suruç martyrs.

The International Freedom Brigade (IFB) fighters in the operation to liberate Raqqa commemorated the victims of the Suruç Massacre on its anniversary.

The Suruç martyrs were commemorated with a military ceremony and a statement was read in the name of the brigade. Banners reading “Their dreams live on in our revolution / MLKP” in Kurdish and “We defended victory together, we prevail together / IFB” in English were put up in the ceremony grounds.


IFB Commander Şengül Doza said: “33 comrades of ours went to meet their dreams to where they drew their route. What called on them was the rising voice of dreams in Kobanê.”

Doza stated that the Rojava revolution has been the target of regressive attacks and pointed out that the attacks on Kobanê were carried out in a cooperation between Turkey and ISIS. Doza continued: “Kobanê was the center of defense for the Rojava revolution. The Kobanê resistance reached victory with the national unity of the Kurdish people and the support and solidarity of the revolutionaries-democrats and socialists from Turkey. ISIS was defeated. ISIS’ defeat in Kobanê became the defeat of the colonialist fascist dictatorship.

Doza stressed that the 33 dreamers in Suruç were killed by the ISIS-AKP partnership and said the 33 young people became stars on their way to rebuild Kobanê


Doza said they are part of the operation to liberate Raqqa and added: “We are in Raqqa, we are making them pay for our 33 comrades and all the martyrs of Kobanê. The fury we have for our martyrs is our resolve to fight. It is our resolve to make them pay and to fight. We are in Raqqa now, we said we would make them pay and we are. Making ISIS pay is making the AKP fascism pay. ISIS will be done for in Raqqa, but we will continue to make the AKP fascism pay. Northern Kurdistan and every region in Turkey will meet us in our resolve to make them pay.”

Doza said they drew strength from the will of the Suruç martyrs when they fight in Raqqa and continued: “In our fight to make them pay in Raqqa, we draw strength from the resolve of our 33 comrades. With this resolve, we organize our break, we purify our hearts and clarify our goals. The break is liberation. The break is a rush to the borders. The break is the will and the strength to tear down borders.”

“The will of the Pirsus martyrs to tear down the borders has guided our path,” said IFB Commander Şengül Doza and added:

“Every border they reach and tear down will be the symbol of our young enthusiasm and renewal. With the oath we renew after our martyrs, we fortify our wrath and resolve for war. We are defending the Rojava Revolution in Raqqa, the capital of ISIS, and fighting to make the dreams of our 33 comrades a reality.”