Supreme Court of Appeal approves sentences in KCK Main Case

The prison sentences given to two Kurdish politicians in the so-called ‘KCK Main Case’ have been approved.

Turkish Supreme Court of Appeal has issued its ruling regarding the verdicts made against 154 people in the scope of the 14 April 20019 dated operation against Kurdish politicians on charges of involvement in ‘KCK/Turkey Council’.

While Diyarbakır 2nd Heavy Penal Court sentenced 99 people to a total of 1,109 years, 10 months and 22 days in prison and acquitted 55 people, the judgement was taken to the Supreme Court of Appeal by both the prosecution office and lawyers.

The Supreme Court of Appeal held a hearing for then Peace and Democracy Party (BDP) Councillor Ramazan Morkoç and Tamer Tanrıkolu.

The Court approved the 21 years prison sentence given to Morkoç and the 18 years prison sentence given to Tanrıkolu for for “being an executive member of the terrorist organization”.

The Court is expected to announce its verdict for 152 people involved in the case in a few days.