Support from North Africa for the 'Freedom for Abdullah Öcalan' campaign

Many well-known North Africans back the hashtag campaign for Kurdish People's Leader Abdullah Öcalan, which the Kurdistan Digital Media Council will launch on October 8.

The Kurdistan Digital Media Council stated that dozens of people from Egypt and Libya supported Kurdish People's Leader Abdullah Öcalan's freedom struggle, defining the support as a "declaration of intent”.

The hashtag campaign will go live on virtual platforms on October 8th, at 19:00 Brussels time.

Previously, dozens of people from Australia, Malaysia and Pakistan supported the campaign, including intellectuals, politicians and doctors.

The campaign calls for the release of Kurdish People's Leader Abdullah Öcalan so that he can play a role for a solution and peace.The demand expressed by hundreds of people from various countries is as follows:

 “Mr Öcalan must have free conditions in order to play his role to solve the Kurdish issue and ensure social peace. For this reason, we invite everyone who is sensitive for a solution and peace to support the hashtag campaign that will be launched on social media. Freedom will prevail!

From North Africa, the following names have provided their support for the campaign:


Ahmed Bahaa El Dîn Şaaban - Chairman of the Egyptian Socialist Party - Egypt

Ragaeî Fayed - President of the Egyptian Center for Kurdish Studies - Egypt

Fadî Akûm - Writer and Journalist - Egypt

Mohsen Awad - Editor of Al Shemis, Writer and Journalist - Egypt

Fethî Mehmûd - Writer and Journalist - Egypt

Dr Ayman Rajab - Writer and Academic – Egypt

Dr Mokhtar Ghobashi - Vice President of the Arab Center for Political and Strategic Studies - Egypt

Syed Abdel-Fattah - Head of the Cairo Center for Egyptian Kurdish language Studies- Egypt

Mehmûd El-şinawî – Writer and Journalist – Egypt

Dr Tayseer Abdul-Cebbar Alusi - President of the Arab League for the Support of the Kurdish Cause - Egypt

Atêf AL_Maxawrî - Parliamentarian, Deputy Chairman of the Tagammu Party – Egypt

Hanî Madî - Officer of Arab Affairs and Citizenship in the Nasserite Arab Democratic Party – Egypt

Dr. Celal Zenatî - Academic – Egypt

Ali Rajab - Writer and Journalist – Egypt

Welîd El-Ramalî - Writer and Journalist – Egypt

Alî Bedrexan - Egyptian Cinema Director – Egypt

Hanî El-Cemal - Journalist – Egypt

Îslam Zayf - Political activist – Egypt

Dr. Farnaz Attia – Academic - Egypt

Mihemed Ebû Mehdî –

Munir Adib - Journalist and Islamic Group Affairs Specialist - Egypt

Mihemed Farag Emîn - Tagammu Party Secretary - Egypt


Hisên El-Siwêdî – Writer and Researcher - Libya

Osman Baraka - Political Analyst - Libya