Support from Ljubljana to the campaign for Öcalan

Worldwide participation in the campaign for Kurdish People's Leader Abdullah Öcalan who is held in absolute isolation in the Turkish Island Prison of İmralı where he has been held since his abduction as a result of an international conspiracy in 1999.

In Ljubljana, the capital of Slovenia, an event took place for ‘Dialogue with Öcalan’ days on "how to read and understand Öcalan's works" to highlight the untamable spirit of political ideas and to find solutions for society.

Meanwhile, posters were put up around Ljubljana city centre to raise awareness about the situation of Abdullah Öcalan and other political prisoners. The activists joined the campaign in solidarity to reach the common goal, that is, to allow the participation of Abdullah Öcalan in a dialogue for a just and democratic political solution to the Kurdistan question, which has remained unresolved for more than a century.
Two citates on posters:

- A life without consciousness of a nature that is animate, that speaks to us, lives with us, and through which we live - is barely livable.

- Under the guise of love, capitalist modernity murders society by spreading sexism like cancer.