State-armed village guards represent an increasing problem in Dersim

State-armed village guards are an increasing problem in Dersim. Kurdish local politician Ali Kurt was threatened with a weapon by a village guard in his village in the Pêrtag district.

The DBP politician Ali Kurt was threatened with a weapon by a village guard in Dersim. As the former provincial chairman of the DBP (Party of Democratic Regions) said, village guard Vedat Kaya stopped him on the evening of 26 September as he was leaving the village of Dorutay and pointed a gun at him. In the incident last Sunday, there was a scuffle when the Kurdish politician protested against the threat. Shortly afterwards, a civilian vehicle with four people appeared. Kurt then got into his car and drove away. "As I found out later, these four people were military," said Ali Kurt.

According to Kurt, the village guard has already acted provocatively several times in the past: “He came to weddings and verbally provoked us. To intimidate me, he threatened to shoot me. However, we are not intimidated by this. We will always stand up against these people."

Vedat Kaya has not lived in the village for many years, said Ali Kurt, adding: “It is worrying that he still comes to the village and wants to talk to the people. Nobody here should speak to him; villagers should be vigilant. "

In the past few years, village guards in Dersim have become a systematic threat, said Kurt. People in his village was also pressured to take up armed service for the Turkish state, but the villagers refused: “Kaya tries to use his family ties to establish the village guard system here too. He's unsuccessful and sees people like me as an obstacle. That is why he relies on provocations. We will never bow to this intimidation.” Ali Kurt has made a statement about the incident at the military police in Pertek and wants to report Kaya.