Stand in Lausanne demanding delisting of PKK continues in its 6th month

The stand protest in Lausanne continues with determination in its 6th month. On Wednesday, a briefing on Abdullah Öcalan's freedom and removal of the PKK from the list of terrorist organisations was held.

The freedom stand that was opened in Lausanne on 25 November 2021, demanding the freedom of Kurdish people's leader Abdullah Öcalan, has entered its 6th month.

As part of the “Werin Cenga Azadiyê” campaign, members of Tevgera Ciwanên Şoreşger, Lausanne Democratic Kurdish Community Center and Lajîn Women's Council open a stand every Wednesday to collect signatures within the framework of the campaign launched to remove the PKK from the list of terrorist organisations.

During the action, leaflets were distributed, and Swiss people were informed about why the PKK should be removed from the EU list of terrorist organisations.