Solidarity hunger strike launched in Lavrio, Greece

A hunger strike was launched in Lavrio, Greece, to support the prisoners' resistance against the Imrali isolation.

In the mainly Kurdish inhabited camp in Lavrio, Greece, a hunger strike was launched to endorse the ongoing action in Turkey’s prisons for the freedom of Kurdish People's Leader Abdullah Öcalan.

Revolutionary Youth Movement TCŞ- Tevgera Ciwanen Şoreşger), Kurdish Women's Movement in Europe (Tevgera Jinen Kurdistan Europe) and Navende Çanda Kurdistan (Kurdish Cultural Center) lead the action in groups of 8, and the first group launched the action with a statement this morning.


Isolation is a crime against humanity, the statement said. Calling for sensitivity from the international community, the statement added: “The resistance of the Kurdish people will continue. The hunger strike of the prisoners has not reached a dangerous stage yet and the demands of the prisoners must be met as soon as possible.”

In the camp, since December 13, a protest has been organized by making noise in order to support the hunger strike action, at 20:00 every Saturday and 13:00 on Tuesdays.