SOHR reports ongoing violations by Turkey’s gangs in Serekaniye

Popular discontent grows over repeated violations and storming houses by Turkish-backed factions in Serekaniye, reports SOHR.

The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights (SOHR) reported that Turkish forces and proxy factions stormed the village of Rihaniyah in Serekaniye (Ras al-Ain) countryside in the “Peace Spring” area in Heseke governorate, and opened fire on cars near the village, while searching for wanted persons.

Residents of Serekaniye fear a retaliatory operation after three members of Turkish-backed factions were killed during an infiltration attempt by SDF into their positions in Serekaniye countryside yesterday, SOHR said.

The Syrian Observatory has monitored widespread discontent by residents over repeated storming of houses in the area, as they enter people’s houses against their will, in addition to confiscating phones for “communicating” with SDF and “facilitating” their movements in the area.

“Violations against those wishing to reach Turkey from the “Peace Spring” areas continue, while members of Turkish-backed factions are smuggling people and some materials into Turkey, taking advantage of their power. According to Syrian Observatory sources, members of the Turkish-backed factions are detaining women of Syrian and non-Syrian nationalities and asking for large sums of money in exchange for their release.”

Moreover, SOHR reported that the area of Serekaniye is witnessing ongoing tension between the Turkish-backed factions, against the background of disputes and conflicts between them, which always turn into clashes.

Days ago, the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights monitored rising tension between the factions of “Sultan Murad”, “Jaish al-Sharqiya” and “Suleiman Shah”, due to disagreements over checkpoints, the imposition of levies on civilians and preventing them from entering and exiting the city.