Sit-in in Berlin for solidarity with hunger strike in prisons on day 2

The five-day sit-in demonstration initiated by the KCDK-E in Berlin in solidarity with the hunger strike resistance in Turkey's prisons continues on its second day.

A sit-in action was initiated on January 11 at Alexanderplatz in German capital Berlin following the call of the European Kurdish Democratic Societies Congress (KCDK-E).

The five-day alternating sit-in action aims to convey the demands of political prisoners to the international community.

On the second day, a representative from Women Defend Rojava, an activist from the Young Streik organization, and Enver Taş, a representative of the Kurdistan Communist Party in Berlin, delivered speeches.

Speaking at the demonstration on the first day, KCDK-E Co-chair Yüksel Koç said, "The hunger strikes that continue under the difficult conditions of the prisons are also a resistance of humanity" and called upon all to undertake responsibility for the struggle against fascism.