Sister family campaign for 1000 families in Şırnak

Heyva Sor a Kurdistanê has launched a new sister family campaign for 1000 families in need in Şırnak.

The Şırnak city center has been laid to ruin by the attacks and demolition policies of the Turkish state in 2016.

Hundreds of people were murdered in front of the whole world to see, and thousands of homes were demolished.

Tens of thousands were pushed out of their homeland.

To not leave the people of Şırnak alone in the harsh winter conditions and to support them, to make thousands of children smile,

Let’s come together and become sister families with the people of Şırnak.

Like we supported Sur, Cizre, Gever (Yüksekova), Nusaybin, İdil and others, now it’s time to support Şırnak.

With the awareness to share our bread with the people of Şırnak and to maintain their dignity,

To not let them need anybody else,

To counter the policies to evacuate Botan,

The day has come to protect the people of Şırnak with all we have.

Let’s be sister families to 1000 families from Şırnak

Dear Kurdistanis and friends,

You too can become a sister family to the families in Şırnak through Heyva Sor a Kurdistanê.

Support the campaign!

You can become the sister family of a family in need in Şırnak and protect them.

Conditions for the project:

• The minimum financial aid is €150. For individuals with insufficient means, several can come together to reach this number.

• The aid must continue for at least one year. Continuing after the one year is up to the participants.

• The aid must be sent directly from the participant. For those who have no time or similar reasons, our institution will provide support.

• There should be a human component. Personal relationships should be developed with the family in need, they should be talked with and if possible visited.

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