Sedat Şenoğlu and Idil Uğurlu are the new HDK co-spokespersons

Sedat Şenoğlu and Idil Uğurlu were elected new co-spokespersons of the HDK (Peoples' Democratic Congress).

The 10th General Assembly of the Peoples' Democratic Congress (HDK) ended in Ankara today. Idil Uğurlu and Sedat Şenoğlu were elected as co-spokespersons of the organisation.

The general assembly of the HDK has been reduced from 121 people to 101, after changing the constitution of the organisation.

Likewise the executive committee was reduced from 25 people to 19, co-chairs excluded.

Resolutions and decisions for future plans and work were also discussed at the General Assembly. It was decided that the Justice Commission would in particular carry out the struggle against the Kanal Istanbul Project.