SDF condemns attacks by Russia and the Syrian regime

The SDF has condemned the Russian and Syrian regime jets attacking their forces in Dêrazor. The Command Center demanded a stop to the attacks that constitute support for ISIS and announced that they will continue their advance in the area.

Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) General Command has issued a written statement on the Russian and Syrian regime jets attacking the fighters’ positions to the north of Dêrazor and east of the Euphrates River in the morning hours.


The SDF statement is as follows:

“At a time when our heroic Syrian Democratic Forces are successful against ISIS in Raqqa and Dêrazor and the annihilation of terror is near, some parties are creating obstacles for our forces’ advance and are enacting their projects that don’t serve the Syrian people to prolong the life of ISIS. These parties are working to waste the energy against terror and are thus endangering the security of the region, meanwhile also causing other crises. Their goal is to void the fight against ISIS and create chaos.

Today on September 16, 2017 at 03.30, Russian and Syrian regime jets have bombed our forces’ positions in the Industry region to the east of the Euphrates. As a result, 6 of our fighters have been wounded.

The fighters had liberated this area from ISIS gangs. The fight to clear the whole region of ISIS and rescue the people continues.


We strongly condemn this attack of animosity and call on involved parties to stop these attacks. These attacks serve terrorism. We stress once more that these attacks won’t break our will in the fight against terror and we will continue our advance in the region until the whole region is free from terror.”