Saleh Moslem: Like ISIS, Turkey will be defeated in the Syrian war

PYD Co-President Saleh Moslem stated that Turkey would lose a lot with its ground operation in Syria.

PYD Co-President Saleh Moslem spoke to ANHA on AKP forces’ operation to occupy Syrian soil.

Moslem stated that Turkey was now actively involved in the war in Syria and would suffer immensely. Moslem warned that Turkey may enter the war by itself but cannot leave the war by itself, and expressed the concerns of Syrian people, SDF, Jarablus Military Council and the people of Jarablus regarding Turkey’s involvement.

Moslem recalled that Turkey had been indirectly involved in the war through gang groups such as ISIS, Al-Nusra and Sultan Al-Murat, and warned that the country would lose a lot after its the direct involvement in clashes.

Lastly, PYD Co-President stated that like ISIS, Turkey would be defeated in the Syrian war.