Rojava delegation met with great interest in Italy

A delegation from the Democratic Autonomous Administration of North and East Syria (DAANES) and Ruksen Mihemed, spokesperson for the Women's Defense Units (YPJ), continues talks in Italy.


Representatives of the Democratic Autonomous Administration of North-East Syria and YPJ Spokesperson Ruksen Mihemed continue their talks in Italy. After diplomatic meetings, the delegation members met with Italian friends at different events.

The first event of the delegation was an open debate held in Rome on March 6 under the slogan 'Let's Defend Rojava'. At the event organized by Rete Kurdistan, Kurdistan Information Bureau and Dinamo Press, representatives spoke about the development of the Rojava revolution over the last ten years.

Abdulkarim Omar, speaking on behalf of the Autonomous Administration of North and East Syria, described the process of writing the social contract announced in December 2023.

"This is an unprecedented experience in the world," Omer said, noting that the social contract was created with the will of all faiths, peoples and social segments.

In her speech, YPJ spokesperson Ruksen Mihemed drew attention to the isolation of Kurdish People's Leader Abdullah Öcalan, whom she called "the architect of the women's revolution".

Ruksen Mihemed emphasized the solidarity of peoples as opposed to the alliance developed by nation states within themselves under the conditions of the third world war, and said that the uninterrupted solidarity shown by the people of Italy since the Kobanê resistance is a great source of morale for them.


The delegation members were also met with interest at an event organized by ARCI Torino, hosted by Fridays For Future activists in Turin on March 7.

While the event was mostly attended by young people, the deputy group leader of the Green Left Alliance, Marco Grimaldi, spoke alongside the members of the delegation.

In his speech, Grimaldi criticized the Italian government and European states for leaving the North-East Syrian administration alone in the fight against ISIS.

Grimaldi criticized the Turkish state's policies that insist on occupation and isolation and said that this situation is not only limited to North Kurdistan but also affects the system in Rojava that inspires the whole world.

YPJ spokesperson Ruksen Mihemed drew attention to the attacks of the Turkish state and said, "Every state that sells weapons to Turkey is a partner in these attacks. The only power that will stop these attacks is the solidarity and alliance between the peoples themselves." The event ended with the slogan “Jin, Jiyan, Azadi” (Woman, Life, Freedom).


The delegation attended the March 8 event organized by the women's house (Casa delle donne) in Milan, followed by an event hosted by the Municipality of Berceto.

Speaking at the event with the theme 'Women in conflict processes', Ruksen Mihemed pointed out that women's self-defense must be understood as a whole with its physical and ideological aspects.

Stating that the experience of self-defense in Rojava is an inspiration for all women, Ruksen Mihemed said that all areas of life and social relations have been transformed in favor of women over the past ten years. The speakers listened with interest and the event continued with questions and answers.


The last stop for the events was Berceto Municipality. During the event held at the Berceto Municipality Youth Theater, the philosophy behind the slogan ‘Jin Jiyan Azadî’ was first discussed. YPJ spokesperson Ruksen Mihemed explained how this philosophy was embodied in Rojava.

The YPJ spokesperson explained that women not only exist in all areas of life but also lead the way for social transformation, and gave a presentation on the development of the Rojava revolution, the risks and possibilities it faces.

After the speeches, the play Io Vado Madre (I'm Going, Mom!) by the Compagnia Teatrale group was performed. Directed by Alberto Bedeschi with music by Isabella Del Fagio, the play depicted women's participation in the Rojava revolution.