Raqqa Civilian Assembly Establishment Meeting kicks off

Raqqa Civilian Assembly Establishment Meeting has kicked off in the town of Ayn Isa with many participants.

Following 9 months of preparations, Raqqa Civilian Assembly Establishment Meeting has kicked off in Ayn Isa town with the motto “Peoples' Fraternity and Co-existence is the Assurance of Democratic Nation”.

The meeting is attended by MSD (Democratic Syrian Council) Co-chair Ilham Ehmed, Manbij Legislative Assembly Co-chair Faruk Maşi, Manbij Executive Assembly Co-chairs İbrahim Qeftan and Zeynep Qenber, Girê Spî Democratic Autonomous Administration Co-chair Hemdan Ebd, SDF (Syrian Democratic Forces) Spokesperson Colonel Telal Silo, Wrath of Euphrates Operation Room Spokesperson Cihan Şex Ehmed and MSD members. The meeting is also attended by 110 delegates including representatives from Kurdish, Arab and Turkmen peoples, Raqqan youths and intellectuals and independent individuals.

The meeting began with a minute's silence, followed by the opening speech of MSD member Ömer Aluş who saluted the attendees and talked about the Preparations Committee's efforts for the organization of the meeting.

The meeting continues after the election of 5 people for the meeting council.