Rally in Strasbourg: We will free our Leader!

Speaking at the rally in Strasbourg, KONGRA-GEL co-chair Remzi Kartal said: "2020 is a strategic year for us." The KJK said: "We will turn everywhere into a field of struggle for the freedom of our Leader."

Kurds and their friends met in Strasbourg on the anniversary of the international conspiracy against Kurdish people's leader Abdullah Öcalan.

At the rally organized after the march, people protested the conspiracy and isolation.

The opening speeches were made by Feyziye Erdemirci and Lokman Konar on behalf of CDK-F.

These were followed by KONGRA-GEL co-chair Remzi Kartal, KJK message, UK MEP and Imrali delegation member Julie Ward, Rojava Autonomous Administration, three activists from the three arms of the march, the mother of Hevrin Xelef, Jine Ezdiya on behalf of Siyane Meclisa, Fatoş Göksungur and Yüksel Koç on behalf of KCDK-E, Şahit Polat on behalf of FEDA, TEV-ÇAND, KCDK-E and TJK-E.

Kartal: Önder Apo left Kurdistan on its feet

KONGRA-GEL co-chair Remzi Kartal said: "Although Leader Apo has been under isolation and torture in Imralı for 21 years, he has carried out a great resistance. The conspirators wanted to destroy the Kurdish freedom movement and implement their projects for the Middle East by capturing Leader Apo. However, during this period, our Leader developed a new paradigm, politics and resistance. We will never forget the conspirators, we will never forgive. Our people will always resist the conspiracy, as it has done until now."

Kartal reminded of the decision by the Belgian Court regarding the PKK and added: "All Kurdistan people living in Europe will expand the political, diplomatic and legal struggle in 2020. 2020 will be a strategic year for us, it will be a year in which we will step up the struggle for the abolition of the isolation on Leader Apo and the freedom and status of Kurdistan."

KJK statement

In its statement the KJK said: "15 February is a black day not only for Kurds but also for women and the peoples of the world.
The Imrali system is a conspiracy developed against our leader, struggling for freedom and equality. Our leader represented the free people of the Middle East with his ideological, political and life stance. He never accepted to be under the control of hegemonic forces.
With great love, desire, determination and effort, he was working to create the Middle East as a territory of free man and free woman."

The KJK added: "We would like to point out once again that Leader Abdullan Öcalan is not only the leader of the Kurds and the Kurdish women. He is the leader of the peoples and women of the world with his ideology, philosophy, life and freedom struggle."

The KJK recalled that "our leader has developed the women's army, jineoloji science, the self-defense system, co-chairmanship, and equal representation system throughout his life and struggle. With his philosophical and ideological work, he made women take very advanced steps."

The KJK also said: "We will resist. We will fight for the freedom of our leader, women and our people with a enthusiastic spirit. In the 21st year since the conspiracy, we will strengthen the actions to ensure freedom for our leader."

Artists close the demonstration

Artists Zarife, Dilan, Ozan Semdin, Xemgin Birhat, İdris Bagog, Ozan Reber, Amele, Ozan Emekçi, Kawa, Urmiye, Bengi Agiri, Mehmedê Hezexi, Rojhilat Cemal, Zahir Loran, Ozan Cevat closed the demonstration.