PYD's Muslim at Newroz rally in Frankfurt: Victory will be ours

Addressing to thousands joining the Newroz celebration in Frankfurt, PYD Co-President Salih Muslim said: “There is a huge resistance despite all the attacks. Nobody should doubt that the success and victory will be ours.”

Thousands are celebrating Kurdish New Year festival Newroz in the German city of Frankfurt, waving flags of the PKK and posters of Kurdish People's Leader Abdullah Öcalan.

Kurds in Germany are joining a mass rally organised by Germany Democratic Kurdish Society Center (NAV-DEM), the umbrella organisation of the Kurds in Germany, with the motto "Freedom for Öcalan, Status for Kurdistan".

Masses from across Germany have gathered in Frankfurt in the early morning hours and staged a march to the rally area Europa Alle area from two directions.

The crowd carried banners of Öcalan and flags of PKK, KCK, YPG, YPJ and PYD which were banned by German in the recent process. Slogans Bijî Serok Apo” and "Bijî Newroz”chanted by thousands resonated in the streets of Frankfurt as the mass marched to the rally area.

The rally began with the Kurdish anthem Ey Raqip by TEV-ÇAND children's choir, after which NAV-DEM co-chairs Bahattin Doğan and Fatoş Göksungur held the opening speech, wishing a happy Newroz to the Kurdish people and calling for struggle against the repression and bans.


Speaking after, Rojava's PYD (Democratic Union Party) Co-President Salih Muslim criticised the Germany for banning the Kurdish symbols, saying: "Germany should have banned the flags of Turkey and terrorist groups instead of our flags and symbols because we are fighting in the Middle East not for ourselves alone, we are fighting ISIS and terrorism for all humanity. Our resistance is for Europe, for the West and for all humanity. I condemn this ban."

Regarding the struggle of the Kurdish people, PYD Co-President said the followings; "No attack, betrayal and resistance in history has been this much clear. Today, everything is very clear and obvious. This is why today's Newroz is different than all other times. We know everyone today, we know very well who our enemies and who our friends are. Our enemy went wild and mad, attacking the Kurds from every side. Still, there is a huge resistance despite all these attacks. Nobody should doubt that the success and victory will be ours."

The Newroz celebration continues.