PYD Europe congress continues with discussions

PYD Europe congress in the Belgian capital Brussels continues with the reading of activity reports and discussions on its second day.

Democratic Union Party (PYD) European organization’s 8th congress continues on its 8th day in the Belgian capital Brussels. 700 delegates, 135 of whom are women, participate in the congress.

On the first day, representatives of national and international parties had discussed political developments. On the second day, activity reports are being read and organizational meetings take place. Council members were elected today and the yearly activity report of PYD Europe was read out loud.


PYD Europe Representative Zuhat Kobanê read out the activity report, emphasized the political developments in Rojava and the Middle East, and said that Kurdish people were near the end of the conflict. Kobanê called for the redrawing of the Middle East’s map, the acknowledgment of Kurdish people’s status, and enhancing of the struggle as PYD Europe and as Kurdish people.


Zuhat Kobanê spoke about PYD Europe’s mobilization efforts, offered self-criticism, and said that they could not address and mobilize the migrants from Rojava in Europe. Kobanê emphasized the role of assimilation in Europe and in the sphere of capitalist modernity, and called for an emphasis on cultural activities so that young migrant people do not assimilate.

Lastly, Kobanê discussed the opening of Rojava representation offices across the globe and emphasized the importance of the women’s movement in Rojava and North Kurdistan.

The PYD Europe congress continues with discussions on the activity report.