PYD Co-Chair: We'll expel the Turkish invaders from Afrin

Shahoz Hesen and Metin Rhawi, told about the resistance of the people in Rojava 

PYD Co-Chairman Shahoz Hesen and Metin Rhawi from the European Assyrian Union spoke to a public meeting organized in Stockholm, Sweden.

The meeting took place at the Workers Training Center (ABF) and representatives of Kurds from all four parts participated. Hesen updated the participants on the recent developments in Rojava, while Rhawi told of his recent visit to Rojava. Both answered questions from the floor.

Hesen said that in Rojava there was a firm political and military resistance against the invading Turkish forces and that the struggle continued to actually remove them from Afrin.

Reminding that Afrin experienced massacres and plunders at the hand of Turkey's allies al-Nusra, Ahraru Sam and DAESH, Hesen directed harsh criticism to Russia, which, he said, opened the air field thus enabling the occupation to take place.

Russia helped, but Europe remained silent

Hesen, who said that the Turkish state and the DAESH gangs could enter Afrİn thanks to the air support provide for by Russia, also criticized the European Union and the Western countries to remain silent in the face of the bombing and massacres of the Turkish state.

"The Turkish state's bombed the forces working with the regime. - Hesen said - We decided to withdraw. Because in recent days the Turkish state intensified air strikes. The civilians were targeted.

Turkey bombed Afrin Hospital. Around 50 civilian lost their lives. We decided to withdraw to avoid bigger massacres".

He said that the withdrawal did not mean giving up the resistance and the struggle. Indeed, that decision was taken to ensure the safety of the civilian population, Hesen said. 
"This does not mean that we will leave Afrin to the Turkish state and the DAESH gangs. The struggle and the resistance will last until the invaders are expelled from Afrin", he said.

The brotherhood among people project is still on its feet

The democratic and egalitarian system in Rojava has been increasingly experiencing the hostility and attacks by Turkish, Arabian chauvinism, political Islam and sectarianism, that want to destroy the brotherhood among people project.

"This project is on its feet and resisting within the system in the cantons. - said Hesen - If it were not for this project, it would not have been possible to resist and build up a system against the status quo powers there".

Some people in Rojava are working with the enemies

Answering on the fact that some opposition parties claim they are not given permission to work, Hesen said: "They do not accept the system and the law. Some Rojava people cooperate with the enemies. They established their assembly in Antep. They want Turkey's oppressive system instead of the democratic system in the Northern Syria Federation. They are working together with Turkey and are taking part in the attacks against Rojava".

Metin Rhawi of the European Syriac Association said that the Assyrian-Syriac-Chaldeans are a minority and have been oppressed in Syria. He added that they have sided with their sister, the Kurdish people, not with the Islamists who call themselves the regime and the opposition.

A federal structure for Syria will provide the most effective and viable alternative to all minority peoples such as the Assyrians, said Rhawi, who added: "Indeed, such a system will be a viable alternative for Kurds, Assyrians and other minorities, which are being attacked and see their rights under attack".

Together against Turkey's occupation plans

Rhawi said that it was no secret that the Turkish state cooperated with the DAESH gangs in order to prevent Kurds from obtaining a status in Syria, and emphasized the importance of acting together against the Turkish occupation and attacks against the Kurdish, Assyrian-Syriac and other minorities in Syria.