Preparations for Newroz festival underway in Frankfurt am Main

The central Newroz festival in Germany will take place in Frankfurt am Main once again this year. The Kurdish umbrella organization KON-MED set 23 March as the date for Newroz.


The central Newroz celebration in Germany will take place in Frankfurt am Main, like last year. As the umbrella organization of Kurdish associations KON-MED announced, the festival will take place on Saturday, 23 March, at 11 am in the Bockenheimer Rebstockpark. The slogan of the festival is based on the campaign “Freedom for Abdullah Öcalan and a political solution to the Kurdish question”. The celebration is intended to strengthen the internationally led initiative against the isolation of the Kurdish people’s leader, who has been imprisoned in Imrali for 25 years, and the war in Kurdistan, said the board of KON-MED in a press release.

On 21 March, the peoples of the Middle East celebrate the Newroz festival as the beginning of spring and thus the beginning of the new year. "For us Kurds, Newroz is at the same time a symbol of rebellion against oppression and war, for peace and freedom, in Kurdistan, in the Middle East and worldwide," said the umbrella organization.

According to Kurdish mythology, the people of Kurdistan got rid of the rulers and freed themselves from tyranny on Newroz, the day on which the blacksmith Kawa rose up against King Dehaq (also Dehak) to protect the lives of his children and the population. He overthrew the tyrant from the throne and lit a great fire in the palace to convey the message of freedom to the people.

This mythological story remains an important element of Kurdish society and many other peoples in the Middle East to this day. The symbolism of fire as hope is also at the center of many stories, traditions and even religions to this day. That is why Newroz represents the aspirations for peace, freedom and democracy like no other day of the year. "21 March is also the International Day Against Racism. This year, the fight for democracy and freedom is more relevant and necessary than ever," added KON-MED.

All federations, councils and member associations of KON-MED are involved in organizing the Newroz celebration. In addition to thousands of participants from across Germany, guests and activists from neighbouring countries are also expected.

The list of performing bands and artists includes names such as Çarnewa, Seyda Perinçek, Ali Tekbaş (Lawje), Mad Art, Koma Rojava, Berfîn Mamedova, Deza Amed, Ibo Qamişlo and Riyad-Abo.