Police will protect the people from Erdoğan’s men in Hamburg

After Erdoğan’s bodyguards terrorized the public in Washington, German security units are on alarm so the same won’t happen in Hamburg during the G20 summit.Kurds and left circles are also preparing to protest Erdoğan.

In the aftermath of Turkish President Tayyip Erdoğan personally ordering his bodyguards to attack Kurdish protesters during his Washington visit, Hamburg is concerned a similar incident may occur during the G20 summit the city is hosting on July 7-8.

German security units discuss changing the security concept for leaders after Erdoğan’s guards terrorized the public in the US. Until now, the security concept was protecting the leaders from sudden attacks by protesters, but now it will change to protecting the protesters for summits Erdoğan attends.


Hamburg Police Directorate Spokesperson Timo Zill spoke to the Hamburger Abendblatt newspaper and, referring to Erdoğan’s bodyguards attacking the protestors in front of Turkey’s Washington Ambassador's residence on May 16, said they won’t allow that to happen again.

Hamburg State Interior Affairs Senator Andy Grote also stressed a similar concern. SPD’s Grote said they prepared for the worst case scenario. The senator said they would do their best to avoid closing off the road between the hotel Erdoğan will stay at and the summit, and the guards and protesters coming to a face off.


Erdoğan and some other leaders will be staying at the Sofitel hotel during the summit. The German police is reported to have told the Turkish government that the Turkish side is “only responsible for the security of the inside of the hotel, and will in no way meddle in the security around the hotel.”


A large scale protest is planned for July 8, the day of the summit, by the German left and democratic circles, as well as Kurds. The protests will be focusing on US President Trump and Turkish President Erdoğan.

Also on July 2, there will be a protest against the Erdoğan regime, called by the Germany Democratic Kurdish Society Centers (NAV-DEM). European Kurdish Women’s Movement (TJK-E), Ceni Kurdish Women’s Peace Bureau, Kurdistan Students Union (YXK/JYK), Kurdish Information Bureau (ISKU), TATORT Kurdistan, Ciwanên Azad and Jinên Ciwanên Azad also support the protest.