Police operation against Islamists in Berlin

Hundreds of police officers have searched several objects of the Berlin Islamist scene for terrorist financing, fraud, threats and a variety of other offences.

On Wednesday morning 450 police officers stormed 19 apartments of suspected Islamists in Berlin. Among other things, they are accused of having obtained Corona emergency aid to finance terrorism. Prosecutor Martin Steltner called it a "bouquet of accusations", including threats and fraud. The investigations are to be directed against twelve suspects, none of whom has been arrested. While individual cases of fraudulent obtaining of Corona aid to the tune of 5,000 euros each had previously been assumed, it appears to be more of an organized action by the Islamist scene.

According to the Office for the Protection of the Constitution, the number of Islamists registered in Berlin last year rose by 180 to 2170. Already since the beginning of the Corona pandemic, raids have been taking place in the Berlin Islamist scene for financing terrorism. Among others, the surroundings of the Breitscheidplatz bomber Anis Amri are affected.