PKK flag waving at the G-20 protest march in Hamburg

Tens of thousands have started to march in protest at the G-20 Summit that kicked off in Hamburg yesterday. Flags of YPG, YPJ and pictures of Öcalan spearhead the mass march.

Protest demonstrations continue for one week now against the G-20 Summit that kicked off in Hamburg, Germany yesterday and will continue today. One of the greatest demonstrations against the G-20 Summit has started today. Tens of thousands gathered in front of the central train station of Hamburg and started to march.

Kurdish people join the march of internationalists from 70 institutions which lead the motto 'Solidarity Without Borders Instead of G-20', and lead the front of the mass with flags and a huge banner depicting Kurdish People's Leader Abdullah Öcalan.


A massive amount of YPG and YPJ flags stand out alongside the pictures of Öcalan, while the mass keeps chanting slogans as “Bijî YPG" [Long Live YPG], “Bijî YPJ" [Long Live YPJ] and “Bijî Serok Apo” [Long Live Leader Öcalan].

The mass demonstration will end with a rally at the town St. Pauli, following a walk of some 4 km, where representatives of various establishments will make statements.