People in Rojava take to the streets against the Turkish attacks

In many cities of Rojava, thousands of people took to the streets to protest the Turkish invasion attacks and reiterate that resistance goes on.

The actions took place in Çilaxa, Tirbespiyê, Til Koçer and Til Birak in the province of Qamishlo, as well as Til Temir in the province of Hesekê and the canton of SHehba.

Thousands of people condemned the Turkish state's invasion attacks on Maxmur Refugee Camp, Shengal and Medya Defense Areas.


Hundreds of people marched in Çilaxa, province of Qamishlo. Activists chanted slogans condemning the Turkish state and carried banners saying ‘The fascist Turkish state is a threat to the whole world.’

Provincial Council executive, Abdullselam Ebas, addressed the rally and said: “The attacks on South Kurdistan coincided with the anniversary of the Seyfo massacre carried out by Erdogan's grandparents. These attacks are a message to all the peoples of the region.”


The action in Tirbespiyê, province of Qamishlo, began in front of Kongra Star building. Hundreds of people marched carrying photos of Kurdish people's leader Abdullah Öcalan, as well as banners that condemned the attacks of the Turkish state.

The march turned into a rally in front of the Revolutionary Youth Movement building. Speaking at the rally, PYD General Council member, Silêman Ereb, said that the Turkish state is trying to prevent Kurdish national unity but assured that they won’t succeed.


A march was organised in Til Koçer, province of Qamishlo. Hundreds of people joined the action condemning both the attacks carried out by Turkey and the silence of the international community. Statements were made on behalf of the Martyrs’ Families Council, Til Koçer Provincial Council and Kongra Star.


In Til Temir, province of Hesekê, thousands of people gathered to protest against the invading Turkish state. The action was organised by the PYD and Kongra Star.

A huge banner saying ‘Turkey is a threat to the security of the whole world’ was placed I front of the Martyrs’ Families Council premises.

Til Temir Provincial Council co-chair, Ciwan Mela Eyob, said that the Turkish state is a threat to humanity and added: “The Turkish state aims to spread a civil war among the Kurdish forces, as it spreads terrorism throughout the region.”


Thousands of Afrin and Shehba people also came together in Ehdas. The activists, who carried banners denouncing the Turkish invasion attacks, also chanted slogans against the Turkish state. Gulê Cafer, form Kongra Star, said: “The Turkish state has been occupying Kurdistan and killing Kurds for more than a century. How can the whole world be silent about this massacre?”

Rihab Cibo, from the Shehba Free Women's Union, also criticised the silence of the international institutions against the crimes of the Turkish state and vowed that the people will continue to resist.


A march was held in Tel Birak to condemn the latest Turkish attacks. Speaking at the rally, Til Birak Provincial Council co-chair, Abdulselam Hesani said: “The Turkish state is carrying out a genocide against the Kurdish people in front of the world. And the world remains guiltily silent.”