Peace delegation to South Kurdistan banned from leaving Germany

German police have refused to allow Hamburg-based Left Party leader Cansu Özdemir and 16 other people in Düsseldorf to leave the country for northern Iraq. The delegation wanted to document the Turkish invasion of South Kurdistan and advocate for peace.

The war of the Turkish state in South Kurdistan continues unabated. In order to document the effects of this war and to stand up for peace, a delegation from Germany wanted to travel to South Kurdistan today.

The Kurdish center for public relations based in Berlin, Civaka Azad, informed that 17 participants of the delegation have been prevented from leaving the country by the federal police at the Düsseldorf airport. "This shows once more the active support of Turkey by the German Federal Government. It is probably to be understood as a clear signal to Turkey to continue its occupation operation in Kurdistan, which is contrary to international law," said Civaka Azad.

In the justification for the exit ban, the federal police state that the PKK is trying to win over young people from Europe with such actions. In the past, participants of such actions joined the armed struggle, it claimed.