Over a hundred people detained in Istanbul -FLASH

Over a hundred people detained in Istanbul -FLASH

Police detained 47 lawyers who protested the police attack against protestors in Taksim Square early Tuesday morning.

The protest inside Çağlayan Courthouse was joined by more lawyers member to the Contemporary Lawyers' Association (ÇHD).

Riot police first took two lawyers into custody as they chanted the slogan "Taksim everywhere, resistance everywhere".

Lawyers staged sit-in in the courthouse to protest against the detention of their colleagues. Police attacked the mass and took 47 lawyers into custody. Lawyers are being taken to Vatan police headquarters.

On the other hand, 70 members of the SDP (Socialist Democracy Party) were taken into custody as a result of police raid in the office of the party late morning. Police raided the office and tear-gassed the people inside after the party announced that they had nothing to do with those who threw molotov cocktails to the police, carrying shields with the name of the party (SDP) written on them.

Severe clashes between police and protestors are continuing in Talimhane. Around 150 people have been reported wounded in today's police attack.