Over 400 architects and engineers support HDP and Demirtaş

A signature campaign has been launched to explain why the HDP and Demirtaş will make the difference.

More than 400 colleagues joined the signature campaign launched by a group of architects, engineers and city planners to support the HDP at the 24 June elections.

The signature campaign, which will end on elections day, was launched only three weeks ago and in a short period of time collected 403 signatures.

In the statement of the campaign, the promoters listed the reasons, to support HDP presidential candidate Selahattin Demirtaş.

Among the reasons the professionals listed the fact that with its urban and plan policies the AKP has made the cities uninhabitable.

Likewise the signatories said that “Nature, environment, ecology and climate change are important, and projects and initiatives that destroy nature and ecology need to be rejected”.

The list continues with a clear no to the privatisation of water, as everyone has the right to access clean water.

The promoters said that with the HDP a new economy, man-cantered would be developed instead of the neo-liberal capitalist economy.

The HDP likewise will reject dangerous projects like nuclear plants and dams, and instead will promote environmentally friendly policies.

The HDP will advocate for an education system which take into account scientific, secular, democratic, libertarian and mainstream education rather than individual, sexist, sectarian, racist education.

The promoters also defend the democratic, autonomous, multi-cultural, society and nature, and the reinstatement of all illegally dismissed and detained workers, mayors and public officials during the State of Emergency.

The document also points out the need for safe and dignified work, as well as the right to associate in trade unions. It also advocates respect of any belief which will be constitutionally guaranteed on the basis of equal citizenship.

The statement said that “it is necessary to ensure that justice, the rule of law, human rights, equal access to quality health and education services, equal pay for equal work, protection of nature and the environment, freedom of art, freedom of the press, protection and protection of children and young people, positive discrimination and gender equality. For all of the above - the statement ends - we support the HDP and Selahattin Demirtaş.”