No good Brexit for the North of Ireland, says Sinn Féin

The electoral campaign in the North of Ireland has Brexit a its core. Sinn Féin has reiterated that there is "no such thing as a good Brexit for the North."

Sinn Féin's Paul Maskey has has said there is no such thing as a good Brexit for the north. 

Paul Maskey is the West Belfast candidate to the Westminster elections to be held on 12 December. 

Maskey said: "Since the referendum and the ideological crusade the Tories and the DUP have embarked on, we have consistently said there is no such thin as a good Brexit. 

Brexit is particularly damaging for business and the DUP have to explain to the business community whether are supporting this reckless agenda." 

Maskey added: "Sinn Féin have worked to secure unique arrangements for the north to offer some protection for the economy, to avoid any hardening of the border and to protect the Good Friday Agreement. 

We secured these protections not at Westminster but through our political strength and influence in Brussels, Dublin and in the United States."