Newroz in Bursa: “Now is the time for freedom”

In the Newroz celebration in Bursa with the slogan "Rabe dema azadî û serkeftinê ye" (Stand up, it's time for freedom and success), masses called for freedom for Kurdish People's Leader Abdullah Öcalan for peace.


The event organized by Peoples' Equality and Democracy Party (DEM Party), Democratic Regions Party (DBP) and Socialist Party of the Oppressed (ESP) to celebrate Kurdish New Year, Newroz, witnessed colorful scenes in the western province of Bursa.

Thousands of people participated in the celebration, chanting "Jin, Jiyan, Azadî" (Woman, Life, Freedom) and "We started young, we will succeed with youth".

Turkish, Laz and Kurdish songs performed by singer Ayşegül Kolivar were accompanied by dance.

DEM Party Bursa Provincial Co-Chairs Abide Ok and Mehmet Deniz Büyük emphasized the importance of negotiations for the solution of the Kurdish question, while the performance of Kurdish artist Şervan Zilan increased the enthusiasm.

In the opening speeches, DEM Party Bursa Yenişehir District Co-Mayoral Candidate Yusuf Zana Toprak called for freedom for Abdullah Öcalan and an end to the isolation regime imposed on him.

Gülsu District Co-Mayoral Candidate Rabia Toktaş stated that political prisoners must be freed in order for a lasting peace to be achieved.

DEM Party Bursa Metropolitan Municipality Co-Mayoral Candidates Bilmez Erbağa and İhsan Seylan called for a struggle against fascism and stated that they will strengthen their perspective of the ‘Third Way’.

DEM Party Istanbul MP Kezban Konukçu sent greetings to imprisoned politicians and stated that Newroz is hope and that they will continue the struggle for freedom.

After Kezban Konukçu's speech, DEM Party Bursa provincial and district co-mayoral candidates lit the Newroz fire and danced to the songs by Şahin Farqin.