NAV-DEM: Saleh Muslim must be released immediately

NAV-DEM, the Democratic Kurdish Society Centre in Germany, called for the immediate release of the Kurdish politician Saleh Muslim, who was arrested in Prague on Sunday.

"We demand the immediate release of Mr. Saleh Muslim. It cannot and should not be the case that Kurdish politicians worldwide are persecuted and arrested at the request of the Erdoğan regime. The Czech judiciary should immediately correct its mistakes, "said Ayten Kaplan, co-chair of the Democratic Kurdish Society Centre in Germany (NAV-DEM), on the arrest of the Kurdish Muslim politician in the Czech capital of Prague on Saturday night.

According to the Czech police, Muslim who had traveled to Prague to attend an international conference was arrested at the request of Turkey. The officials from Ankara demand the extradition of Saleh Muslim to Turkey. In the name of NAV-DEM, Kaplan warned against such a move and called on political leaders in Germany to take action for the immediate release of Muslim.

"Turkey recently had a bounty for Saleh Muslim. There were then death threats against his person, some of which contained concrete evidence of a dangerous situation. Now he has been arrested and there are rumors that Muslim may be exchanged for the release of two Czech citizens in Turkey. The whole thing is a completely absurd situation. While Mr. Muslim has been touring Europe in the last few days to promote peace in Efrîn and a democratic solution to the Syrian conflict, the Turkish state is making every effort to intensify the war against the Kurds and to make Syria completely into chaos. In Berlin, too, Muslim had conversations with political circles on 19 and 20 February, including in the Bundestag. The sad thing about the whole situation, however, is that European actors and states are always stooges in Turkish politics. That must finally come to an end, "Kaplan continued.

The 67-year-old Kurdish politician Saleh Muslim himself comes from the city of Kobanê in northern Syria and was formerly co-chairman of the Democratic Union Party (PYD). Currently, Muslim is spokesman for foreign affairs in the Democratic Federation of Northern Syria. On Tuesday morning, Muslim should be put before the magistrate who should decide whether Muslim will be released or must remain in detention until a decision on his possible extradition to Turkey is made.