Names of MIT agents killed in Kobanê and Iraq

Names of MIT agents killed in Kobanê and Iraq

There have been many claims of collaboration between Turkey and ISIS. On 29 November ISIS gangs launched an attack from Turkish territory at the Mürşitpınar border gate.

The AhlulBayt News Agency (ABNA) has issued the names of 12 Turkish intelligence (MIT) and special forces operatives who were assumed to be ISIS members and were killed in Mosul and Kobanê.

According to ABNA amongst the Turkish personnel killed in Mosul and Kobanê on the assumption they were ISIS members were former soldiers and MIT operatives.

Names of those killed in Mosul

The ABNA said they had obtained the names of 12 Turkish operatives killed at various times in Kobanê and Mosul, adding: "In an attack during the time of the kidnapping incident in Mosul, an artillery unit of the Iraqi army targeted a MIT ‘safe house’. It was targeted ‘by mistake’ on account of the Turkish operatives being dressed like ISIS militants. It appeared that some of the MIT personnel killed in this house were working at the Turkish consulate (probably in the culture attache section), but never went to the consulate. Their names are as follows:

1- İskender Demir

2- Murat Tin

3- Serdar Karaçam (or Karaçay)

4- Hikmet Y. (found with a Jordanian passport in the name of Muhammed Hammash)

(Bodies taken by Turkey. Name not given of another person reported to have been wounded in this incident).

Killed while trying to infiltrate Kobanê

According to ABNA, 5 special forces operatives were killed as they tried to cross the railway line and infiltrate Kobanê. ABNA said: "From equipment found on these persons it was evident they were Turkish intelligence and special forces operatives, but they were dressed like ISIS militants and had long beards and short moustaches. They had satellite navigation devices and contact information of certain persons working for the MIT in Kobanê. It was understood that these persons were special forces personnel, not ISIS militants, although they were also carrying ID cards given by ISIS to their own fighters.

The names of 4 of the 5 who died are as follows:

1- Mustafa Turan

2- Halil İbrahim T.

3- Hızır K.

4- Murat Çolak (it has been established that this person also used the identity card of certain charities to cross into Iraq and Syria)

(Another corpse, the identity of which could not be ascertained, was taken away by Turkish troops)

3 people killed in Iraq

According to ABNA, 3 people killed in Iraq at various times were found to have had links to the MIT and military intelligence. "Addresses of ‘safe houses’ of Turkish intelligence or the addresses or telephone numbers of persons with direct links to the MIT were found on the bodies of these persons. The corpses were taken by Turkey the next day.”

The names of these persons are as follows:

1- Necmettin Tuna (or Turna)

2- Çağrı Ceyhan (Pilot and lieutenant. Although it was said he had died in a helicopter crash in Kocaeli, in fact he was killed while on a clandestine mission in Iraq of which even his family was not aware)

3-Deniz M.