Mosques in Switzerland proven to have ties to ISIS

A Swiss resident Turkish man has been sentenced to death in Iraq for membership to ISIS. The man turned out to have joined ISIS after being radicalized in mosques in Switzerland under control of the Turkish state.

Another link in the chain that ties the Turkish state controlled religious institutions to ISIS recruitment has surfaced. Prominent Swiss journalist Kurt Pelda wrote in Tages Anzeiger that a Swiss resident Turkish man was sentenced to death in Iraq for membership to ISIS.


Pelda pointed out that the 24 year old ISIS member went to Turkey from Switzerland and crossed into Syria from there to join the ISIS camps, adding that the man had received training on explosives and participated in various ISIS actions.

The article said the man was sent to Iraq by the gangs, where he was captured and sentenced to death in a court. The man was cited as living in the Arbon town of the Thurgau Canton where Turkish state efforts for mosques are more intense.

Swiss courts have launched a lawsuit against this man, who had completed most of his education in Switzerland and had been radicalized in the country.

According to the artcile, the man was libing in Arbon in the Thurgau Canton when he met a gang recruiter named Alperen A. and started to frequent the Rorschach Mosque under the Turkish Religious Affairs Foundation and decided to join ISIS there.

The article also said the man contacted a jihadist in Turkey over Facebook after he decided to join ISIS and was able to reach the ISIS camps in Syria through his help.

Meanwhile, the man named Alperen A. listed in the article was said to be in a prison in Turkey for membership to ISIS himself.


Several Swiss politicians have stated that there are many mosques in Switzerland that act as recruitment centers for ISIS and other gangs and demanded they be shut down.