More youths from Raqqa's liberated villages join SDF ranks

Young people from the recently liberated Eastern and Western Jabar villages have joined SDF ranks to protect their land.

Operation Wrath of Euphrates Action Room fighters liberated Eastern and Western Jabbar villages from ISIS gang groups on December 25-26, 2016. Residents of these villages were thus able to return to their land. A group of young people from both villages have joined SDF ranks, according to Hawar News Agency (ANHA).

A young person called Ebdullah said he joined the SDF because of the cruelty of ISIS gangs, and said their goal is to cleanse all their lands of gang groups.

Another young recruit, Ebdulhekîm Ebdullah, called upon all young people to join the SDF and fulfill their duty to defend their lands.

So far, 1,500 young people from the recently liberated villages of Raqqa have joined SDF ranks and participated in Operation Wrath of Euphrates.