MMC fighters destroy a Turkish tank in western Manbij

Manbij Military Council fighters have destroyed a tank of the occupant Turkish army that continues its attacks on western villages of Manbij together with its affiliated gang groups.

The occupant Turkish army and affiliated gang groups continue their attacks on villages in western Manbij.

Fighters of the Manbij Military Council have destroyed a tank of the Turkish forces that attempted to attack the village of Boxaz together with its affiliates today.

On the other hand, 7 members of the gangs affiliated with the Turkish army were killed in the Boxaz village. Bodies of the killed gangs were seized by the fighters.

During the bombardment of the occupant Turkish forces and affiliated gangs ongoing since yesterday, 94 mortar shells hit the villages of Boxaz, Xalîde and Gorhiyok. MMC fighters also destroyed an armored vehicle of the Turkish army last night.