Memorials in Germany for October Martyrs

Several memorials were organised in Germany to pay tribute to the October Martyrs who paved the way for the revolution.

Memorials were held in Heilbronn and Hannover in memory of the martyrs of October. The commemorations were promoted by the European Kurdish Women's Movement (TJK-E).


A meeting was held in Heilbronn in memory of the October Martyrs. Organised by the European Kurdish Women’s Movement, the event was held at the Kurdish community center.

The family of Amara Cûdî, who fell as a martyr following an attack with chemical weapons on 5 October, the families of other martyrs and dozens of Kurdish people attended the meeting.

The commemoration started with a speech by TJA-E activist Dilpak Amed, who said: “Our struggle for freedom is the struggle of the martyrs. Each of our martyrs fallen in October, especially Bêrîtan, is a monument. Each of them has a history of history. All of them had one purpose; to reach a free country, a free identity. Within the freedom struggle initiated by Leader Öcalan, not only the Kurds but also many internationalists joined the caravan of martyrs. When the October martyrs are mentioned, we think of Ivana Hoffmann, Andrea Wolf and dozens of internationalist women martyrs. Our martyrs Amara Cûdî and her friends fell when chemical weapons were used by the fascist Turkish state.”

Nuşin Ramadan, brother of Amara Cûdî, made a short speech and said: “All our martyrs are an honour for us. It is our duty to protect this honour. As Amara Cûdî's family, we will forever be loyal to her struggle."


In Hanover, a memorial was held in Korn.

The event started with a minute's silence in memory of the martyrs of October, after which a screening and speeches were made.

Speaking on behalf of the women's movement, Jînda Deniz said: "Each martyr has a great significance and has a great place in the history of the PKK. Our martyrs paved the way for this revolution and became leading figures for us.”

Representatives of KOMAW, Ronahi Women's Assembly and NAV-DEM also delivered speeches.