Masses rally against the seizure of HDP municipalities in Hamburg

Ongoing protests against the takeover of HDP municipalities by the Turkish regime.

Protests continue across Europe against the AKP government’s seizure of HDP-run municipalities in the mainly Kurdish cities of Amed (Diyarbakır), Mardin and Van.

Kurds and their friends living in Hamburg, Kiel, Stade, Luneburg and Winsen-Luhe cities gathered in front of the Sternschanze Train Station in Hamburg today to protest the usurpation of HDP municipalities.

The demonstration was also supported by many revolutionary parties and groups including Left Party, ATİK, AGİF, KKP and ADHK.

Speeches made by female activist Anya Flach and representatives of KON-MED, Left Party, AGİF, ATİK and KKP said that the seizure of HDP municipalities was a despicable attack against the free will of the Kurdish people.

Despite the provocation attempt of Turkish fascists, the march continued with great enthusiasm and ended at Gansenmarkt.