March to Strasbourg stopped after an attack by Turkish fascists

Tensions continue after Turkish fascists attacked the participants of the Long March from Luxembourg to Strasbourg in Saverne town today.

Participants of the Long March from Luxembourg to Strasbourg, who include 70 internationalist revolutionaries and representatives of Kurdish institutions in Europe, were attacked by Turkish fascists in the town of Saverne earlier today.

Protestors continued to march after the attack but they were stopped by French security forces in the town of Marmoutier 7 kilometers away. French police and gendarme surrounded the protestors in the town and hindered the march by use of force. Security forces also attempted to detain some protestors and threatened to ban the march if these are not handed over to the police. Yeni Özgür Politika reporter Erkan Gülbahçe who was covering the march was battered during the intervention.

The protestors are waiting for the arrival of their lawyers in the face of the pressures of the police that turned a blind eye to the attack.

Gendarme and police officers in Marmoutier, 35 kilometers to Strasbourg, continue to prevent the protestors from marching amid tensions between some demonstrators and French forces.

According to reports, French gendarmes say they will allow the demonstrators to continue the march only after detaining three of them who they say are causing trouble.

The gendarmes that obstruct the march are reported to be affiliated to the units that turned a blind eye to the fascist attack on participants of the march in Sarre-Union on Tuesday night.